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Wine, Chocolates, Cheese, and everything in between.


1. Check our calendar (  for time and date availability.  We are strictly following your indicated pick up date and time. Kindly avoid making last minute changes so we can properly organize our slots.

To ensure quality and to maintain freshness of our products, most of our items are made to order, hence there are no same day deliveries / pick up available at this time. 

2. ANY ORDERS PLACED AFTER 5PM cannot be accommodated for a next day pick up. We strongly recommend to always place orders in advance and to check with us if this is for next day pick-up/delivery. 

3. Payment Methods and Instructions Once orders have been submitted, an email confirmation will be sent with links to delivery, payment instructions (includes QR codes, etc.), and reminders. Orders will not be considered ‘confirmed’ until the deposit or payment is settled.


4. Please refer to Delivery & Pickup Instructions . The team cannot always guarantee that we are able to provide assistance in booking 3rd Party delivery services. 

5. We ask to settle payment as soon as you can so we won't have any delays in preparing your orders. Your orders are automatically tagged as confirmed once payment has been made and confirmation will also be sent via email/PM.

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