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Grazing Butter (one size only) - 5oz
These grazing butters add so much to any meal, easily elevate a simple meal or toast, and turn it into a special treat. Graze your homemade pizza crust, grilled meats, toasts, steamed veggies. Even melt it as a dip for dinner rolls, seafood (shrimp, lobster, etc..)Get creative with our selection and enjoy.

Lemon and Herb - 180
made with lemon zest, 3 types of herbs. works well with salmon. melt it and use it as a dip for shrimps and lobsters.

Red wine and shallots - 180
works fabulously with steak, or grilled meats, but also adds an amazing flavour to roasted onions, steamed veggies

Sun Dried Tomato - 180
made with sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and parsley. The perfect grazing butter for garlic bread, meats, crackers, steamed veggies

Honey Walnut - 170
a perfect mix of butter, honey, roasted walnuts and cinnamon. this pairs well with your homemade pancake, waffles, and fruit slices

Grazing Butter Set - 700


Grazing Butter

  • 30 days - refrigerated

    60 days - frozen

    Frozen Grazing butters, must sit in room temperature for at least 45 minutes before serving. 

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